November 17, 2013

My First Trip To Ulta

Hi Everyone!

So, the other day I took my first trip to Ulta EVER. It was the grand opening, so I was very excited! I decided to take you all along with me on my first Ulta experience!

The store was huge! It had pretty much every makeup, skin care, and hair care brand you could imagine and more. It was all so new and beautiful!

I loved the NYX section. It was probably one of my favorites! There were so many beautiful colors! And you all probably know by now my eyeshadow obsession...

I found the Mayblline Doctor Rescue Baby Lips! I didn't get them only because they were expensive at Ulta :(

And I also found the real techniques brushes! They look so FLUFFY!

The nail polish section was crazy! This is probably only 1/8 out of all the nail polish in the store...

Isn't this NYX palette gorgeous? I swatched it and it was stunning!

Ahh benefit! I pretty much wanted all of it! Their packaging is so cute!

I really enjoyed these products by benefit. They were really nice and creamy!

The Lorac Pro Palettes! These palettes are amazingly pigmented and have gorgeous colors!! I swatched a couple and fell in love!

These Hot Tools curling irons are really cool! I think they are similar to the one Elle Fowler has?

So much skin care! I have never seen so many products for skin in my life. I didn't even know these brands carried so much!

There was so much OPI nail polish! They probably had every color. Do you like my #artsy picture? :)

Hehe still being #artsy. I've never tried Jane products, but they seem interesting! 

Well, I hope you all enjoyed coming to Ulta with me! I can't wait to go back and buy more beauty products!
Let me know if you want more posts like this!

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